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The Realtor Relationship: Transactional or Lifelong?

Life is full of decision making, it’s one decision after another and another and another.. Being in sales—it’s important to understand how individuals make decisions and which factors they feel are more important. When purchasing a home, it’s the agent’s responsibility to understand your needs, wants, goals, priorities, etc. Something I pride myself in.

I’ve always been one to research my options before making a decision. From iPods to iPhones, computers to cars. I’d speak with geniuses at the Apple Store, my car salesman, my insurance provider, anyone necessary to make an informed decision. With all that information, I’d compile a list and organize it based off which factors are most important to me, the same thing I instruct my clients to do when it comes to evaluating properties.

How does this affect my business style? I take this tactic and apply it to my clients. I learn what is most important to them and inject my professional expertise. I’ve complied a list of vendors and contacts that I work with daily and have proven themselves time and time again. These are individuals I rely on daily to provide my clients with the best service possible. Home Inspectors that provide detailed reports & fully explain all facets of the home with my clients. Lenders that take the time to educate my clients on their mortgage options, and keep them updated at each stage of the process. Contractors that accomplish what they promise and in the time-frame they depict.

Buying a home is a long process that involves a slew of individuals and teamwork. The following entities are involved to ensure a smooth transaction and assist in getting all parties to the settlement table:

  • Realtor – finds potential properties, provides advice on market, write contracts with contingencies in place to protect you throughout the transaction

  • Loan Officer – evaluates financial standing, sources of down payment, purchasing power, what mortgage products best align with future goals

  • Home Inspector – evaluates condition of the home, life expectancy of major systems, necessary repairs

  • Appraiser – evaluates market value of the property to ensure you’re not taking a loan out that exceeds value of the home

  • Title Company – prepares closing documents, researches title to ensure no previous owners have just claims of ownership

  • Surveyor – studies property bounds to ensure you’re not inheriting any encroachments via neighbors, the county, home owners’ association, etc.

When more goes on behind the scenes you need more people in your corner representing your interests. In real estate – this is when choosing the right realtor and mortgage loan officer comes into play. These two individuals work as a team and are the foundation for your home search, and successful transaction. Since real estate agents work with the community, you’ll learn to rely on your agent for various vendor referrals from home inspectors, to lawn care companies, to roofers, and mechanics.

My goal is to take care of my clients as I would family, both during and after the transaction, by providing my clients with names of those I trust. Living, working, and playing in the same community has provided me a wealth of knowledge of where to go for anything and everything. From mortgage brokers, to home inspectors, mechanics to orthodontists, if there’s something you’re looking for—reach out to me. I do everything in my power to point you in the right direction!

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