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Your Home's Check-Up For Fall

More homeowners should begin incorporating the seasonal checklist for quick repairs and areas of the home to check out before the shift in seasons. I see it time and time again when viewing properties, either when I'm out with clients or driving through a neighborhood. Home owners continue to defer maintenance season after season and soon realize they now have large repairs and incur large expenses along with them.

Check out a small checklist compiled for Fall. I'd like to note this checklist focuses on the Northern Virginia region where we see the weather changes with all four seasons. Those further North may have more tasks to add to the list, those further South may have a much smaller list; but the notion is that each & every homeowner should have some sort of list. It's amazing how easy it is to forget about that loose gutter, those missing roof shingles, or missing mortar when we don't actively search for them.


  • Inspect & clean the fireplace/chimney

  • Pest-proof your home in anticipation of the colder temperatures

  • Inspect and clean your furnace

  • Check the air filters throughout your home for cleaning or replacement

  • Set ceiling fan blades counter-clockwise

  • Test & change batteries in smoke & carbon dioxide detectors

  • Check insulation levels in the attic & basement

  • Organize closets & your garage (room for winter clothes and necessities)

  • Older Properties: vacuum radiators or baseboard heaters & grates


  • Seed lawn, fertilize cool-season grass, apply pre-emergent herbicide

  • Check windows & doors for gaps; caulking or adding weatherstrips as needed

  • Prune trees and remove dead branches

  • Check the roof for loose, damaged, or missing shingles

  • Clean dryer vents

  • Clean gutters & downspouts

  • Wash windows

  • Test outdoor lights and replace any burnt out bulbs

  • Shut down any pool, sprinkler system, or outside hose bibs

  • Remove leaves from & clean outside structures (awnings, walkways, storage sheds

Are there any additional tasks you'd like to see added to this list? Feel free to reach out to me directly or comment below on what you do to ensure your home is in tip-top shape for the coming season. Should you or anyone you know of be needing real estate assistance - please pass along my name or introduce us. I love meeting new people and making new clients! Happy Fall and enjoy your Halloween everybody!

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